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Heart Gallery Mary Thorp

Mary Thorp - Soul Meditations - Book

Mary Thorp - Soul Meditations - Book

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Written by Steve Thorp. Illustrated and designed by Ruth Thorp

This little book of poetic meditations by writer and therapist Steve Thorp is an encouragement to sustain the kind of beautiful, joyful and resilient life that might make a difference in our troubled world.

These small soul meditations are mindful prose-poems standing as tools in the space between earth and spirit, hope and despair, individual practice and collective activism.

They are exploratory waymarks for our journeys through this landscape.

Soul Meditations is the companion to Lifesongs which we also stock if you want to buy them as a pair.

Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2021
ISBN: 978-0-9928647-6-7
Paperback: 80 pages

Book Size:: 105 x 148mm

Printed in the UK on 100% recycled paper

All images and text copyright Ruth Thorp and Steve Thorp

All copyrights are reserved by Mary Thorp, Steve Thorp, Ruth Thorp and Heart Gallery.

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