Spending much of her 20s painting with traditional methods, Demelsa was introduced to the basics of Adobe whilst achieving a BA (hons) in Fashion Design and Production.

Demelsa Haughton

Demelsa has been painting for many years both with traditional materials, and more recently, digitally. She now paints all of her art in Photoshop on a Cintiq (a magic tablet!).

Demelsa starts the process with a pencil sketch and then she scans it so she can continue working on the image digitally.

As all her work is digital there is no 'original' as such, but the freedom to be more experimental withcomposition and colours without the fear of ruining a painting is a
great bonus, as is the ability to easily create prints and cards of her work without the need for additional scanning or photography. 

As well as producing prints and cards Demelsa illustrates children's books and has several jigsaw designs available.