Alec has been drawing for as long as he can remember, spending hours as a child drawing animals and dinosaurs.

Moving through school and into college Alec began realising art is where he wanted to be, studying artists such as Chuck Close and Escher who specialised in photorealism. These artists presented a new dimension of
art to him, showing what was possible to create with a mere pencil or paintbrush.

In 2017 Alec moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, and was immediately inspired creatively and given clarity in what route to take his art in. Working in series of three or four drawings, he aims to capture various themes that mean a lot to him and represent the local life of the Calder Valley and the UK.

When not drawing Alec is a keen photographer, and loves nothing more than going on a walk with his camera to find some local wildlife.

Alec adores where he lives - the beautiful Calder Valley is a great place to clear your head in a busy world and always brings him inspiration for future drawings; he is always snapping away at our local birds, deer and other wildlife.

Aside from this Alec loves travelling as far and wide as he can; finding other countries fascinating and immersing himself in their culture eating as much of the local food as he can!