Handpicked gemstones are the main focal point of many of Rebecca's pieces. 
She has a fascination with gemstones, particularly labradorite and rainbow moonstone which have an iridescent play of colours.  These feature strongly in her collections for Heart Gallery

The individually set stones are decorated with hand placed tiny granules of metal which create delicate and intricate detail.  The granules combined with the oxidised silver finish she uses in her work is reminiscent of vintage marcasite jewellery which has been a source of inspiration for some time.

As well as managing a jewellery gallery three days a week life is very busy so Rebecca is often at her jewellery bench (her happy place) late into the night.

When Rebecca's puts her jewellery tools down however you’ll find her on her hill farm on the Welsh borders.  Rebecca and her husband, enthusiastically helped by their two girls Sophie & Ffion, rear cattle and sheep in the beautiful countryside near Hay-on-Wye.