Willow Moon

Willow Moon

Willow Moon – Here we are in my third month of tree moon sharing and now we find ourselves in the time of willow or Saille as it is known in Gaelic.

Willow Moon

This new tree moon, Willow Moon, actually began back on the 15th April but I really struggled to write this one. I couldn’t put my finger on why until I sat with how willow makes me feel and suddenly it hit me. I go to willow when I want things to slow down and that doesn’t really help when you want to share a blog post!

Throughout history willow has had many associations with the female form, Hecate a powerful divinity of the underworld is strongly linked to willow which is emphasised by the sorceress Circe who planted a cemetery of willow in Hecate’s name, here she would leave male corpses in the tree tops to be devoured by nature. It is not difficult to see why willow is so connected to the female form with her tendrils of trailing hair.

Last month Alder showed us the murky depths where our roots live. Still we remain with the water element but willow reveals another side to water, the surface. Willow allows us to feel at ease with whatever emotion we bring to her especially grief. If you are familiar with this feeling find a willow and show it to her, she will not take it away but you will feel held and heard in ways I cannot explain. The holding of willow is one of her greatest gifts to us, when I sit beneath her boughs I feel as if I could reveal all my secrets to her. She is not quick to answer like some trees but what she does is show me a true reflection and not the one I believe to be there. Her teachings are whispered and gentle but no less profound, sometimes its the soothing soul that can tease out the darkest fears…’Here rest your head child and tell me all about it’.

When I think of willow I think of otter, swan and heron. These creatures all carry a certain serenity and silence but are all creatures with a piercing knowing and knowledge of self. Have you ever been lucky enough to see into the eyes of one of these creatures? It is heart stopping. All three work hard beneath the surface to survive, an otter hunter along the river bed, a swans powerful legs in water, a herons quick fish catching bill but all three seem to glide and flow with ease. This is how willow makes me feel, she doesn’t dull the work I need to do but she shows me the beauty of the surface and the benefits to slowing down.

A word of warning though, like the creatures I associate with her she can be a bit of a shape shifter so don’t be surprised if any amount of time sat beneath her sees you briefly unrecognisable when you leave.

I hope you have enjoyed this months tree moon, as always these are simply my thoughts and feelings on spending time with these trees if this particular tree means something different to you then I urge you to go with your gut and follow your instincts.

I will see you next month beneath the blossom of the Hawthorn, my personal favourite and one I can’t wait to share with you. Much love and magic, Lucy xxx

Willow Moon

This guest post was written by the very gentle creative soul Lucy Pendrick after we spotted it on her pages and the Willow Moon resonated. Check more of her blog posts here and follow Lucy on Instagram too.

Lucy Pendrick