Three Seeds Candles

Puddle Jumping

We now have a brand new Wellbeing Candle Collection called Three Seeds

Stargazing candle

These new Three Seeds candles are blended by hand and then hand poured for us in small batches in Weybridge, Surrey, by three sisters who are on a mission to create exceptional quality candles which are clean, pure, beneficial and eco-friendly.

3 sisters Three Seeds

Fire Stoking

Their wax is a totally plant based blend of coconut wax and soy wax; this has a very clean burn and contains NO palm, beeswax or petroleum derived products. Their soy wax candles are made with 100% pure essential oils and include no chemicals to fragrance your home and boost your wellbeing.

Den Building

Importantly, they are vegan, cruelty free and use only natural plant based ingredients.

Puddle Jumping

Once the wax has gone you can fill the glass jar with soil, plant the three seed papers that are inside the candle lid and grow a little jar of British wildflowers; this is where the name Three Seeds comes from.

seedsYour seed paper hearts are handmade in the UK by artisan paper makers and embedded with 24 types of British wildflower seed. Once planted the seeds germinate, the paper composts away, and all that remains are flowers.
All you need to do is gently soak your seed paper hearts in 5mm of water and keep in natural light. After a few days or weeks, the seeds will start sprouting. Fill your empty candle jar with compost and place your sprouting seed paper hearts on top. Water regularly and put the pot somewhere warm and sunny. When the seedlings have grown you can repot them or plant directly into the garden.