Temporary Measure – New to us

Emma Smalley and her Alpacas

Our Temporary Measure collection might be new to us but we have known Emma for 13 years and it has been a joy to see her business grow from it’s humble beginnings peddling from her gorgeous little shop in Keswick. If you never got there then you did miss a treat I have to tell you …. I’m going to let Emma tell you the rest:

Emma Smalley Temporary Measure

once upon a time in the land of the lakes, surrounded by mountains and a herd of alpacas, there lived a proud peddler of extraordinarily interesting stories and beautifully whimsical things, or Whimsy Peddler for short.


she named her company temporary measure because it was the very last line of the very first story that she wrote. she wrote in lower case letters because she felt sincerely that capital letters should be USED WITH CAUTION AND PURPOSE.

rabbit book

bear book

she wrote lots of things and drew lots of pictures. She wrote Lists of Great Import and she wrote Very Short Stories about old photographs that were VERY FUNNY INDEED.

Temporary Measure cards

cardsome of the old photographs were of her family, and some were sent from far and wide by her lovely customers. she printed her stories and illustrations onto cards that were RECYCLED AND ECO FRIENDLY using BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING, and bags that were ORGANIC AND ETHICALLY CERTIFIED because these things were VERY IMPORTANT INDEED.


and most importantly of all she wrote and drew story books for little people. Stories about little rabbits who CAN DO ANYTHING and big bears who WONDER ABOUT EVERYTHING, and tricksy racoons who DON’T MISS A TRICK. her books were written, illustrated and printed in The Lake District and bound in The North of England.

racoon book

together with her Chief of Logistics, Ergonomics and Knitting (The Mothership) and their dedicated team of knitters, they created the most stunning toys and accessories that ever were, using super soft baby alpaca yarn in only the most delightful colours of the world.

Temporary Measure knit a rabbit

rabbitthey made beautiful kits and bags for crafty types who like to knit, they used LIBERTY FABRICS, ORGANIC COTTON, and BAMBOO NEEDLES in packaging that was ECO FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADEABLE AND SO VERY NICE TO LOOK AT.


kit bag

knit some slippers

kit bag


she gets to work at THE STUDIO on the farm in The Lakes, with some of her favourite people, including her brother who is a GENIUS MUSICIAN, and her Partner In Crime who is co -director of their social enterprise Alpacaly Ever After…you can see him and his ginger beard alongside their alpacas in lots of newspaper and television appearances, and all across social media. he said they would “just get a couple of alpacas” now they have over one hundred. and twenty llamas. and two pigmy goats…

out in the fieldssometimes he lies.

knit an alpaca

and so it was once upon a time in the land of the lakes, when the Whimsy Peddler was very glad indeed that she got to be a whimsy peddler, and was VERY GRATEFUL to the people who made that possible by sending her extraordinarily interesting stories and beautifully whimsical things out into the wide world.

Temporary Measure

Temporary Measurewithout them she would be in BIG TROUBLE and would have to rely on her other talents to make a living…like table tennis, or grade one tap dancing.

Temporary Measure


knit a cowl

and so she would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED 🙂 x


Today is the perfect day to introduce you to Emma and her whimsical work (Temporary Measure) and team as today we are celebrating opening our doors on Market Street in Hebden Bridge 13 years ago.

Temporary Measure

Happy Birthday to us and welcome Temporary Measure – we love you, your alpacas, your llamas and your beautiful products x

Temporary Measure