Storm Ciara

hebden bridge

Storm Ciara and then Storm Dennis have battered the Calder Valley, Yorkshire and beyond. For those of you who have followed us on this Heart Gallery blog for some time you will know that we were sadly hit by Storm Eva back on Boxing Day 2015 and it took us 6 months to recover and get back open. This was the blog on our old website after re-opening. BLOG

Market Street
Heart Gallery garden when we waded out to get home safely Sunday 9th Feb 2020

Finding ourselves facing Storm Ciara was extremely stressful but thankfully many of the flood resilient measures we put in place in 2016 whilst stitching ourselves back together worked. Our Flood Shelf is about 9 feet high and all our stock is placed up there to keep it safe. Market Street was hit with surface water and most businesses in the dip in the middle had about one foot of that water in their properties but they have also bounced back quickly due to their own effective flood plans.

Flood Shelf
Flood Shelf in Heart Gallery

Sadly some businesses on Bridge Gate, Crown Street and Albert Street, where Hebden Water broke its banks, have not been quite so lucky escaping Storm Ciara but we are a resilient bunch and those not yet open are busy drying themselves out and looking forward to opening their doors again as soon as they can. Hebden Bridge is well and truly OPEN and that’s the message we need to get across to everyone; please visit and help us bounce back. The long term impact of this is damaging and without those sales so many of us may not survive this time.

Banner over Hebden Water

Like other parts of the country affected by the recent storms, many people have suffered, and our hearts go out to them. However, I want to echo the sentiments of the Hebden Bridge Business Forum (of which I am Chair) and that is that WE RALLY IN THIS VALLEY! Our valley is still a great place to live, work and visit and we must not be put off by the negative press coverage that we see.

Drenched in Love

Please return as soon as you can, book your accommodation, stay for one night, a long weekend or more and support all the many small independent shops and businesses that make Hebden Bridge a great place to visit. We have a wonderful community here that with true grit and determination has the spirit to survive and thrive x

Storm Ciara

Speaking with someone the other day I explained that there are 4 floods when we have a flood here and I am sure people who have experienced this know exactly what I am talking about. The first flood is the river water, the surface water that the drains can´t cope with causing ingress into your property. This is closely followed by the flood of reporters looking for that sensational story, that negative news piece and they really do arrive like a massive tidal wave. However, the third flood follows quickly too with the flood of friends, family, helpers and strangers all with mop buckets and cleaning tools or food and drink or just a much needed hug. It´s that fourth flood that has the biggest impact and lasts for ever … the flood of emotions. These emotions have a massive range and aren´t easily buried because they return time and time again. Sometimes they come with the next drop of rainfall yet sometimes we don´t know what triggers them. What we do know is they will never leave us and that´s the flood that remains well and truly washed over.