Staying in the moment

in the moment

Staying in the Moment

I have spent so many days, hours and minutes wondering about the outcome of some of our future projects and the whole retail landscape going forward.


The complete extremes of my emotions and the corona coaster I feel to be on has made me realise that my thoughts may be too focused on the future instead of the present.

momentWatching my thoughts as they come into my mind is something I need to practice and could bring me more into the present and help me see that since the future will always be uncertain, it is best to embrace both my fears and my hopes with open arms.

momentWe have never known what the future will hold for us so now is no different I guess so it is important to learn how to remain grounded in the present.

momentI need to stop my mind thinking ahead and creating scenarios about what may happen – this will probably not actually happen!

momentThis is just a short posting today of musings. I wanted to pass this information on to you all in the hope that it might help us all stay in the moment


Alison x