Sarah Harris Printmaker – new limited edition prints now with us

Sarah Harris printmaker

Hello my friends, how’s September for you so far? I don’t have any ‘young’ at home anymore so no longer get that feeling of relief when the school term starts again after a long Summer holiday but many of our customers do! They are so shell shocked come the start of September we don’t see them for a few weeks whilst they take time out to adjust to their new routine … particularly if their children are starting school for the first time or moving up to a ‘bigger’ school. To ease you all in to Autumn gently here is a little update on one of our much loved Yorkshire printmakers, Sarah Harris.

Sarah Harris printmaker

Sarah has had an extremely busy year so far already and still has events in Staithes, Derbyshire, Manchester, Ilkley and Wakefield to look forward to this Autumn/Winter. Back in her studio and workshop she has been working hard on new prints taken from her sketches she’s been doing of various new places whilst on her travels; three of which are finished and one is almost there!

Sarah Harris printmaker Stoodley Pike

We have taken delivery of these new ones recently and they have been extremely well received. A framed Stoodley Pike sold the day it was delivered before it even got hung on the wall!

Sarah Harris printmaker Kilburn White Horse

Another popular print from Sarah is The Kilburn White Horse shown above. As a child the White Horse at Kilburn was one landmark I always saw when visiting my Aunty, Uncle and cousins on their farm in Easingwold. My sister and I always had to climb up the hill to visit it. This was the same for Sarah when she visited her grandparents in Cleveland. When she went to high school she would go gliding once a year off the top of Sutton Bank and flying over the White Horse was always one of her favourite parts.

Sarah Harris printmaker Whitby Harbour

This one of Whitby Harbour really needs no introduction as it’s a place that’s close to so many people’s hearts. The East Coast is a really special place for me with many childhood holidays spent there because my Mum was too nervous to get on a plane! All my friends would fly off to sunnier places with exotic names during the school holidays and we would go on road trips around the UK; many of those spent along the East Coast. I was 19 before I boarded a plane myself and it was a very nervous flight for me because it was so new! I have got worse as I’ve got older too so I guess there will be more road trips and new places to discover right here on my own doorstep!

Sarah Harris printmaker

This is Sarah’s sketch of Whitby Harbour which she has turned in to a 5 colour screenprint limited to only 60 editions. We have all these new prints in stock now by Sarah and when she has finished her new Gordale Scar screenprint that will be with us too. Earlier this year my husband and I did a circular walk from Malham past Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove on a lovely Spring day so I am looking forward to this new screenprint from Sarah.

Sarah Harris printmaker Gordale Scar

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