Meet award winning British Artist Designer Maker, Rowena Gilbert

Rowena Gilbert

Rowena Gilbert’s ceramic work is a celebration of the natural world informed by her travels and her coastal home town of Brighton.

Rowena Gilbert

Following a trip to Thailand, experiments with new colour palettes led to an unintentional spread of hundreds of turquoise blue swatches spread out in her studio like tiny tiles.

chiisana bowls Rowena Gilbert

Rowena, daughter of fine artist Terence Gilbert, was creating art with felt tip pens from a very young age. She developed a love of ceramics while studying at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham.

Stem vases Rowena Gilbert

Her art teacher was a collector of contemporary fine art ceramics and to be taught by someone so passionate about ceramics was a massive influence on Rowena.

Stem Vases

In her shared Brighton Studio – set up with a Princes Trust Loan – Rowena creates unique bowls, vases and lamp stands.Her work fuses simplistic line with muted colours and a range of surface textures.

Stem Vases

Rowena casts each piece with a colour clay body, then brushes layers of coloured clay slips both on the inside and outside of the vessel. This part of the process can take several weeks as the clay must dry slowly to prevent cracking.

Stem Vases medium

She uses metal tools to cut through the layers in a method following the principles of sgraffito ceramics before glazing and firing the final pieces.

chiisana bowls

Despite 14 years working with clay professionally, Rowena has not lost her love of the medium. She finds the clay magical and elemental, malleable and versatile, which gives her the freedom to express herself in an endless variety of ways.

rowena gilbert work at Heart Gallery

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