Meet Ceramic Designer Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry considers herself to be a ceramic designer.


Rebecca Perry

Her ceramic practice is driven by her expressive drawings, with the abstract shapes deriving from the natural world; looking at impressions of trees, running water and rock formations within the landscape.

Rebecca Perry vesselsThe marks and lines that are produced become intuitive as she uses the surface as a vehicle for her drawing.

Rebecca Perry Ceramics


By combining industrial methods of batch production with expressive surface pattern Rebecca creates unique, functional ceramics.

Rebecca Perry vesselsThese pieces are simple in form which allows for the bold application of decoration using slips, splashes of glaze and enamel.

bowls on woodUsing vivid hues contrasted against a monochrome palette, she continuously layers different marks between firings until the desired result is achieved.

vessel and bowlWe are delighted to be showcasing a range of vessels from Rebecca at the moment. Please call in to see her work and follow Rebecca on Instagram.