Meet Rebecca Lawley, designer silversmith

Rebecca Lawley at work

Rebecca Lawley studied silversmithing at Sheffield Hallam University graduating with a BA (hons) in 3D Metalwork and Jewellery in 1996. Her silverware has won acclaim from the beginning of her career to the present time.

Rebecca Lawley jeweller

Along-side Rebecca’s silversmithing she has always made jewellery to commission. Recently Rebecca decided to create a couple of ranges of jewellery that compliments her tableware.

pndant with semi prcious stones and silver - Rebecca Lawley

The “Etch” range of jewellery incorporates themes that Rebecca has explored in her larger work.

Group shot Rebecca Lawley

Her designs cover a variety of ideas from her sketchbooks, predominantly organic forms and patterns from nature.

necklaceShe uses this inspiration to create patterns and explores different resists such as bees wax to create a range of delicately detailed jewellery that are all individual and unique.

Ring Rebecca Lawley

Rebecca Lawley has also created a range called “Cluster”. This collection was originally in gold with precious stones but for Heart Gallery includes pieces in silver with organic shaped semi-precious stones.

pendant and earringsThis range is all produced by manipulating small pieces of silver or gold into nuggets and then clustering them with the stones, to create unique sculptural pieces of jewellery.

ring Rebecca Lawley

Rebecca’s unique collection is with us for CHRISTMAS AT HEART.


You can follow Rebecca Lawley over on Instagram.