My Journey

I’ve had a varied adult life to say the least but always felt quite blessed. After my wedding to a wonderful man in 1996 my mum sadly died. I missed mum dreadfully; we were so close and she was such a strong woman that had fought so much that my admiration for her was deeply rooted.

Through the difficult months that followed my husband was my rock and I also had my younger sister for support. Rachel was diagnosed as manic depressive in her early twenties and struggled for many years with mood swings so life with her was not always easy. I never thought she would take things to the next level but in 2005 she took her own life and my world fell apart.

Losing my mum and my sister made me realise that nothing in life is certain and we have no idea what is around the corner so I quit my job and took a part-time job in an organic café whilst I thought about what was important in my life.

Rachel had always told me that I should go out and grab that opportunity. She had always told me that nothing was impossible, she had always told me that tomorrow never comes, and for her there are no more tomorrows. But for me there are and her death gave me the kick up the backside I needed to realise that dream and turn a passion into a reality.

A positive came from a negative and I try to live every day as if it is my last. The passion I had the first day I put my key in the big black door of a former Baptist Chapel I had converted into a warm and inviting Gallery space in September 2006 is still with me today. I love my life, my home, my family, my friends, my customers, my designer/makers, my Gallery and my work.

I still feel a great sense of pride when a new customer discovers me for the first time. No two days are ever the same and no two days ever go by without me thanking Mum and Rachel for looking over me, propping me up when I need it and celebrating with me when my achievements are recognised.

I really hope that you can feel what I feel when you visit Heart Gallery and enjoy our space as much as we do. See you soon x