Letitia Thompson AKA Mrs Bertimus arrives at Heart Gallery

Mrs Bertimus

Well this is great news! We have long admired the work of Mrs Bertimus so we are delighted to let you know her work is now with us (squeals of joy can be heard up at Stoodly Pike I’m sure!).

Mrs Bertimus

Letitia lives in a tiny North Lincolnshire village, a place of flat open fields and big skies. When she moved there seventeen years ago, she never imagined how much village life would inspire her artwork and seep into her day-to-day life.

Mrs Bertimus print

Mrs Bertimus

Mrs Bertimus print

Mrs Bertimus printBeing able to watch nature on her doorstep has permeated her imagery and storytelling, be it the rowdy starlings descending on the birdfeeder in an iridescent mob, or the glamorous magpie with his stuttering flight across the glowing yellow fields.

Mrs Bertimus tea towel

Mrs Bertimus running hare pouch

One day, when visiting her neighbour, she was told about a cheeky blackbird that would appear by the window for his breakfast, and who was even known on occasion to hop into her kitchen with his brood and help himself to the crumbs on the floor! She called him Mr Bertimus.

Mrs Bertimus badges

Mrs Bertimus badges on bagThere was something magical about this story, and so Letitia’s make-believe world of painted, collaged and stitched characters had a name.

Mrs Bertimus notebook set

notebooksLetitia has worked in art education for over twenty-five years and has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions.

cushions - artwork on textiles

large cushion

small cushionShe works in a variety of mediums including paint, collage, mixed media and textiles.

Tote bag

Please call in to see Letitia’s full range with us soon. We are re-opening from July 4th, limited days and hours so please call us first 01422 845845 to make sure we are open. No big fuss, no bells and whistles yet until we manage to get back to some sort of normality but please support us through this transisitional phase from totally closed to fully open sometime in the future, thank you.

blackbird pouch

Follow Mrs Bertimus over on instagram here and we really hope to see you all soon x