Mother’s Day

Well Mother’s Day is now only 2 weeks away so if you haven’t already thought about it I decided I ought to just send you a wee reminder!

I guess technically it’s Mother’s Day every day, rarely a moment goes by when we don’t look to our mothers to fulfil some need or other if we are lucky enough to still have them in our lives. Sadly, I lost my Mum 20 years ago so I don’t have this privilege. I do have a lovely step-mum though who has kept my Dad happy for 28 years. Sandra has been a rock and has seen me through many ups and downs offering sound advice on numerous occasions so once more I will be giving her a gift from the heart on March 26th, Mother’s Day.

Nice Jugs! We currently have a gorgeous range of ceramics by Kate Thorburn so if you think your mum would love one of these jugs then you might want to buy a lovely bunch of Spring gaffs as well to put in one – won’t the yellow just sing out perfectly with the blue and white my friends?

Another gift from the heart could be jewellery and these gorgeous silver necklaces made for us by Rebecca Lewis are another suggestion that your Mum might thank us for!

Another great idea, and one I do keep encouraging friends to do, is gifting a magazine. Great magazines are something we don’t always buy for ourselves as there are more important things to spend our hard earned pennies on but I buy one sometimes as a Birthday gift and I love to wrap it up with perhaps a wine glass and a mini bottle of wine or prosecco or wrap it with a china mug/cup & saucer and tea bags …. depending on which friend I am buying for! It’s always so well received because the hidden message there is telling them to just slow down and take time out for themselves … we all need a bit of  ‘me time’ occasionally don’t we?

Heart Gallery is constantly adding to the magazine titles we sell but at the moment you can buy The Simple Things, Kinfolk, Breathe, Cereal, Flow, Ernest Journal, Elementum, Lionheart, 91 Magazine and Oh Comely – all pretty great reads.

We have a good selection of Mother’s Day cards as well my friends so if you don’t give pressies on Mother’s Day preferring to mark the occasion with just a lovely card then pop in to see what we have, the handmade ones we sell made for us by Leigh Shepherd and Anne Crowther would look amazing framed.

I couldn’t possibly give you all our gift suggestions in one blog post so this is just a wee taster and do please call in soon to see other suitable Mother’s Day gifts and cards handmade with love here in the UK.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there … I hope your brood celebrates the wonderful woman that you are with a gift from the heart xXx