Alison really does love every minute of every day spent in her beautiful gallery surrounded by such incredible work. When you visit you can feel the love that is poured into the building in bucket loads & if you happen to stop to chat to Alison (and she does love to talk!) you will feel her passion too. Alison’s great personal relationship with all her artists is really noticeable in a carefully curated space and her attention to detail is perfection. When not at work Alison loves to potter around her ever expanding garden learning through mistakes made and heading into the countryside to wander and find some thinking space.

Alison Bartram


With a background in Surface Pattern Design and the Textile industry Ness has a passion for Vintage, textiles, colour and the decorative arts. Having been taught to sew as a child, Ness loves creating and is an avid crafter and Heart Gallery Maker. A member of Fabricology and the Embroiderers Guild, she always has plenty of projects to keep her busy. When not in her sewing room, Ness can be found looking for inspiration for her Embroidered Textile Products, walking and photographing our bleak yet beautiful landscape, moorland & hills, especially in autumn and winter when the air is crisp & clear and the colours are at their most vivid…

Vanessa Kay


Helen has always loved messy art and vividly recalls mammoth finger-painting sessions. It’s no wonder really that her background is in ceramics! Following a degree in Three-Dimensional Design, Helen furthered her education with a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing after which she enjoyed 10 years working in arts marketing and economic development. She now runs two businesses, Helen Russell Creations (which is how she met Alison who has been a stockist for over 10 years) and Helen Russell Art (the grown-up version). Outside of work you will generally find Helen up a mountain, in a forest or sat at the side of a cricket pitch on mum duty.

Helen Russell


Alison has always been creative. She studied Interior Design at Uni; specialising in set design for TV and film. This enabled her to really focus on working by hand, designing, drawing plans and building intricate scale models. On graduating she worked as a product photography stylist and has since been developing her own copper wire artwork inspired by nature. She loves to try different arts and crafts, baking and reading a good book. You will also often find her out and about exploring the great outdoors with her young family camping and planning adventures.

Alison Westwood


Sarah is a creative who is passionate about all things botanical. She enjoys writing and photography, and has been blogging about seasonal living (and the things she loves most: books, nature and exploring the countryside) for almost ten years at She’s also a keen printmaker and artist, and recently returned from a three year adventure with her family on the Isle of Skye. Sarah is currently chronicling their experiences there and working her way through a photography course.

Sarah soltanowicz