Affectionally called ‘The Queen of Hearts’ by the Heart Gallery princesses, Alison really does love every minute of every day spent in her beautiful gallery surrounded by such incredible work. When you visit you can feel the love that is poured into the building in bucket loads & if you happen to stop to chat to Alison (and she does love to talk!) you will feel her passion too. Alison’s great personal relationship with all her artists is really noticeable in a carefully curated space and her attention to detail is perfection.


With a background in Surface Pattern & Textile Design Ness has a passion for vintage, textiles, colour & decorative arts. When not at Heart Gallery she sources beautiful Silk & Lace fabrics, creating seasonal collections for the bespoke fashion & bridal market. Having been taught to sew as a child Ness loves creating & is still an avid crafter. A member of the Embroiderer’s Guild she alaways has plenty of projects to keep her busy. She loves walking and photographing bleak landscapes, moorland & hills, especially in autumn & winter when the air is crisp & clear & the colours are at their most vivid..