Meet The Maker – Sally Weatherill


As long as she can remember Sally has always loved colour and pattern. Her early years were spent in a modern house with floor to ceiling windows that brought the outside in – all the colours of the garden and lots of light. These same windows also provided interest at night when they were hidden behind vast curtains in bold 60’s designs.


Throughout her childhood she was always making things – clothes peg dolls, gingerbread houses, knitted scarves for teddies, doll’s house furniture….and Sally collected anything that came in sets of different colours – jumbo packs of crayons, squares of origami paper, even tubes of smarties.


As an undergraduate Sally studied history of art and creative writing, studies that have had a lasting influence on her and underpin all of her creative work. However, it was not until Sally went back to college to study textiles that she was finally able to indulge her love of colour and pattern.


Sally studied both printed and constructed textiles at CCA in Oakland, CA and has now been weaving for ten years after initially focusing on printed textiles (particularly devore velvet). She weaves everything herself on a 24 harness mechanical dobby loom which gives her the freedom to produce a large range of different designs in small quantities. Recently Sally has been experimenting with the technique of deflected double weave which allows the threads to break from the rigid weaving grid to create exciting and often unexpected patterns.


Sally’s bold, colourful and textured fabrics reflect both her past and present interests. She is drawn to bold interlocking patterns – reminiscent of printed designs – and is particularly fascinated with the optical effects you can create by juxtaposing complimentary colours. Sally takes inspiration from art history and also from the photographs she takes on her weekly commute to London and on walks through the fields of Essex.


Sally likes the idea that her fabrics tell a visual story of her journeys – both figuratively and literally – and we love this idea too here at Heart Gallery. Call in to see Sally’s incredible textiles soon now we have a small selection in for our Autumn/Winter season. x