Meet The Maker – Leoma Drew

Leoma studied at Hereford College of the Arts and graduated in 2008 with 2.1 in contemporary and applied arts.

Leoma works at the Mike Gell Contemporary Gallery in Hereford and is the chairman of the Alloy Jewellers group in Herefordshire.

Her work is a mixture of hand saw piercing, shape forming and stone setting; her main theme is birds and butterflies.

Leoma’s jewellery ranges from small delicate cut outs to larger scale bold necklaces using just the outline of the wing shape in silver; she then links these to create large industrial looking chains connected to knotted pearls, and semi-precious stones.

Leoma incorporates motifs with solid shapes and stone setting for an abstract and contemporary aspect.

The black and white effect from the polished and oxidised silver is contrasted with bright and unusually cut stones that complement each other perfectly.

Leoma’s wearable jewellery and objects are influenced by each other and wearable pieces represent sentimentality which is enhanced by the intimacy created between objects and the body.

Here at Heart Gallery we have long admired Leoma’s work so we are delighted to be working with her again now we have hit 2017 running!

Some of her smaller pieces make perfect Valentines gifts so bob in soon to create your wish list with us or be bold and turn it into a lust list.