Meet The Maker – Kate Thornton

Kate is a Yorkshire based artist and designer specialising in greetings cards and art prints. Kate’s current work takes inspiration from her interest in natural history with a particular focus on British birds.

Kate is drawn to shapes and outlines in nature and the built environment, taking elements from these contexts to create artwork that has bold images and silhouettes at its heart.

She also likes to play with these images to explore and develop pattern designs.

Kate works in paper-cut, drawing and printmaking to produce print and stationery collections.

Design, particularly architecture and interiors is never far from her creative thoughts so her research and development often steers her to thinking about different applications for her work. She’s never quite sure what’s around the corner but she is excited by the process of getting there!

Kate’s bespoke collection for Heart Gallery is taken from her map collections and customised to suit our requirements using local maps.

Kate’s love of natural history and particularly birds is the inspiration behind these beautifully simple collages with an informed use of colour to bring the print alive.

Her work includes starlings, pheasants, swallows, jackdaws, parakeets, gulls, wrens, robins, blue tits, lapwings & grass, sheep, hares, ravens, deer & oak, cattle, swans, kingfishers and herons.

Kate studied at Leeds College of Art and Design before completing a fine art degree at Nottingham Trent University in 2005. She now works from her studio in Huddersfield.