Meet The Maker – Hannah Staniforth

Hannah is currently on the starter studio program for Ceramicists at Yorkshire Artspace. She works from the Manor Oaks premises where she creates thrown and hand built ceramics out of terracotta.

Expressive mark making is important to Hannah and her work uses controlled and uncontrolled methods of mark making by the use of coloured slips which are applied to the clay through the use of monoprinting, sgraffito and slip trailing.

Terra sigillata is also applied to bone dry clay before bisque firing for a contrasting surface effect.

Hannah studied at DeMontfort University where she studied Design Crafts and specialized in Ceramics and graduated in July 2015 .

Hannah’s pieces have a strong sense of function however her vessels are also decorative pieces of art as she treats each piece as its own canvas.

Hannah’s painterly and expressive pieces are currently with us as part of our lovely Spring collections so do pop in soon to see her decorative but functional bowls.