Meet The Maker – Jeweller Caroline Reynolds

tools Caroline Reynolds

Our spotlight this week is on jeweller Caroline Reynolds.

Caroline takes her design inspiration from life, natural patterns and shapes. She feels she is embodying movement, light, texture and craftsmanship within her work.

Her recent collection for Heart Gallery’s Spring 2017 exhibition, FLORA & FAUNA, is now with us. It takes its cues from botanical form and structure. This  includes seed pods, blossom, leaves, buds and twigs.

Caroline can often be seen collecting beautiful, miraculous, miniature pieces of nature while walking across the Ashdown Forest in Sussex with her two dogs, Woody and Pippo.

Caroline hand constructs all her own work in silver and gold using piercing, soldering and forging techniques. She then applies surface texture and finishes by using roll-printing, etching, oxidizing and punches.

Gemstones are always carefully chosen by Caroline to add light, colour, warmth and richness to a finished piece of jewellery.

She has a fascination for detail and pattern and uses the two to layer and build miniature scenes on brooches. In addition she will also add pattern and detail on the reverse to make the back as beautiful as the front.

Caroline makes beautiful, contemporary, precious jewellery using silver and gold with gemstones to add interest and colour.

Her current work is based on botanical forms with a narrative, romantic feel and we hope you love her work as much as we do.

Caroline is currently taking part in the March Meet The Maker challenge over on Instagram therefore you can read more about this here.