Meet the Artist Katy Jade Dobson



Katy is a UK based oil painter from Yorkshire who spent her childhood feeding her love for art with a self taught approach to drawing and painting. Pursuing art throughout her educated life at the University of Lincoln, where she currently resides, Katy applied her second love for wildlife and nature into her artistic ventures.


Katy began painting in a number of mediums including acrylic, watercolours and mixed media, often attending art events and fairs with her work.


The positive reaction to Katy’s wildlife work led to a large shift towards oil paints, discovering the rich tones and infinite textural possibilities oils soon became her medium of choice and a huge part of Katy’s development as an artist.


Inspired by the ethereal qualities of Odilon Redon, and further by his use of vivid colour, Katy descended into opulent oil paintings of wildlife scenes and subjects of nature and animals depicting intricate detailing with spontaneous and kinetic overtones.


Further admiration for elegance and richness of palette brought Katy to combine these loves to create oil paintings with a plethora of colour, and a blend of drama, harmony, presence and dissolve.


Each piece painted by Katy is an appreciation of its subject and a love for her inspirations. A collection ensouled and a moment in time captured in a prism, reflecting her everything onto a canvas.


Each individual oil painting has seen its own process of layers added and taken away with large movements and minuscule detail. Understanding calm natured species, tender families, frenzied ferocity and frantic outbursts of wingspans were a catalyst that helped Katy begin the body of work she chose to call 21 grams. An early 20th Century physician hoped to measure the mass of the human soul. He believed it to weigh 21 grams. Thought to be as real and prominent as a vital organ, yet no physical attributes could be found. Artists and scientists alike hunted for information on the location of the soul in the body to find that it rests on nothing seen by the eyes. This ideal that represents an entire being does not exist in physicality, yet we see it.


We introduced Katy’s work to our customers in December and are proud to be taking her forward with us into 2017. Soft sombre states of negative space, with a kaleidoscope of jewel colours and embellishments all build the subject up from the inside out.