Meet textile artist Liz Cooksey

Liz Cooksey in her studio

Liz Cooksey’s inspiration comes from natural habitats; hedgerows, garden boarders, meadows.

Liz Cooksey

Her works combine wire and thread to create intricate and delicate two dimensional and three-dimensional pieces reflecting observations of nature.

Wayside - Liz CookseyThe inspiration stems from the love natural forms in which Liz look for shapes, textures, colours, within what might be a hedge row or a motorway verge, recording the small and insignificant details that can be sometimes overlooked.

Mixed Bed with red berries - Liz Cooksey

Liz lives and works in Manchester where she studied Embroidery and went on to develop her own practise and teach textiles and fine art.

Liz Cooksey - Nest

Over the years her work has evolved and has become focused on the use of mixed media with a fascination for wire and crochet.

Liz Cooksey

In her more recent work there has been a development from mainly framed relief pieces to free standing three-dimensional work, where simple wooden plinths become fertile ground from which springs an exuberance of natural forms.

mixed media Liz Cooksey

We are delighted to have a small range of Liz’s pieces with us at the moment; everlasting flowers for Mother’s Day make a great gift. Follow Liz over on Instagram.