Meet self taught Ceramicist Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan Ceramics

Jenny Chan crafts unique and thought-provoking figurative sculptures and wall hanging artworks, with a focus on faces and the stories behind them, often with a touch of her Chinese origins.

Jenny Chan Ceramics

Born in Hong Kong and raised on a small island in Micronesia.  Jenny picked up clay soon after settling in the UK in 2014, she had no prior artistic education.

Jenny Chan at workHer art became a way to relieve anxiety from a difficult family situation and isolation as a new immigrant.

DivaJenny Chan is currently Artist in Starter Studio at The Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield, she was selected in Crafts Council UK Hothouse 2019 Programme and is a member of Design Nation.

mask shotJenny uses traditional hand building techniques in coiling and slab building using mainly stoneware clay.  Each piece is unique and individually sculpted so no two pieces are the same. The sculptures are partially press moulded with each piece individually carved.

diva in a jumperImpressions and inlay surface decoration is done using coloured slips, oxides and underglazes with minimal glazes to emphasis the natural clay texture and colour.

diva in a jumper Jenny Chan

Jenny’s figurative sculptures, each with their own story, capture the essence of a brief expression of a person.

pilot diva

Jenny’s Diva wall masks have been inspired by BBC 100 women.

diva wall masks

Jenny starts with a blank face onto which she designs each unique feature including the hair and decorations.

Diva with blue hairstyle

Balancing elegant simplicity with decorative flourishes and craftsmanship, focused on the ethae that are important to Jenny, she reflects on the impact of integrity and honesty that she strives for within her own life.

steampunk divaThere is a story to most of the faces, whether it’s been inspired by the first female pilot Amelia Earhart or it is used to depict worry bubbles of of anxiety, hope, aspiration, mad conversations in your own head

thought bubbles We are delighted to be showcasing Jenny Chan’s work now we are trying to return back to normal in Hebden Bridge. Call in to see her freestanding and wall ceramics Thursday – Sunday. Please check our website and social media for new days and hours until footfall to our beautiful town increases. Follow Jenny on Instagram and see you soon x