Meet Fine Artist Marna Lunt

Marna Lunt artist

Marna Lunt is a fine artist that has changed mediums from oil paint to thread, inspired by the landscape from her childhood home on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Marna Lunt artist


She uses thread in thick layers as though it was paint, building texture and colour with wool, linen, cotton and both old and new hand-dyed and modern synthetic colours.

Marna Lunt Carmen brooch

She has a unique style of thread painting not based on traditional silk shading but on her own feelings about depth and her years of training as a painter.

Marna Lunt

Marna’s main objective when working is to experiment with surface texture and colour, whether it be portrait or landscape. She works with thread exactly how she would paint with oil paint, building layers and injecting tiny spots of colour to create an image from the simple to the complex, with hidden details to draw you into the finished subject.

sylvia Plath by Marna Lunt

Fascinated with texture and tiny details of colour she absorbs the sounds and emotions of a subject, from landscape to figurative, to create tactile and unique works of art. 

Virginia Woolf Marna Lunt

In 2017 Marna decided to start a project collaboration with Andy Poplar to help her through her journey from mental health crisis. This project was purely to inspire Marna and she felt really lucky to be able to share the making with one of her very favourite people.

Marna Lunt and Andy Poplar

Instead of being bad influences on each other with new ways & suggestions for procrastination they inspired each other. It was an idea that developed into a mega mission but the result was truly a thing of beauty and one of the best collaborations we have ever seen. We were lucky enough to see it mentioned on this great website Gorgeous Yorkshire.

Andy Poplar and Marna Lunt

All Marna’s work starts as a drawing and is stitched entirely by hand; no machine is used in her processes. With an eclectic combination of materials and stunning hand-dyed and vintage threads, each element is lovingly handled and embroidered by Marna. Marna may have turned to fabric & thread for relaxation and therapy but she also earns a living from her craft and we currently have her brooches and framed pieces on sale for our textile exhibition FIBRE.

Marna Lunt Iris brooch

You can follow Marna’s journey over on Instagram.