Meet The Maker – Textile Artist Clare Ashton

Clare Ashton

Clare is a textile artist working primarily in felt and print. Using British wool she makes beautiful items to use in daily life as she believes it is good for the soul to go beyond the utilitarian and into the aesthetic.

Living and working in Todmorden, at the edge of the Pennines, she is surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife and celebrates this in her drawings. The scenery, such as windswept trees and stonewalls, are those she sees on her walks on the tops. The animals are all part of the natural world of Great Britain which has fascinated the artist since she was a child. She freely admits to being one of those kids who had a nature collection consisting of abandoned nests and animal skulls.

Clare came to felt-making when her children were young wanting to make the most of her time off work to expand her skills. Several years of part-time study meant she had become skilled at a wide range of textile and felt art techniques. Clare gained a City and Guilds Diploma in felt making.

As part of her further studies, she learned screen printing and the discovery that she could bring her drawing skills together with her textiles led to the birth of her most successful range.


Her 2017 collection for Heart Gallery includes notebooks and travel journals but Clare also produces beautiful lampshades for the home and you can ask about this service.