Meet local artist Kate Boyce

Kate lives in the hills above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire with her two teenage daughters and has a studio in the valley not far from Heart Gallery.

Kate Boyce Northlights

Kate studied surface pattern design at Staffordshire University in the late eighties and following that she was first a maker (mostly papier mache) and then a home textile and giftware designer.

Kate Boyce Early Morning Light Crag Vale

Kate first moved to the Calder Valley in the mid 90s and it has been a constant inspiration to her.  She loves the dramatic landscape and the industrial human narrative within and beneath it.

Kate Boyce Stormy Sky over Stoodley

Since moving to Hebden Bridge Kate has been concentrating on mixed media paintings – mostly contemporary landscapes and narratives with photographic elements. Those who have not visited the area may still be aware through literature of its reputation as a landscape which has inspired many artists and writers such as the Bronte family who lived just a few miles away at Haworth and Ted Hughes who was brought up here. It is a landscape which can be beautiful and romantic yet sometimes harsh and foreboding.

Kate Boyce Soft Evening Light Blackshaw Head

Her abstract paintings are a study of light and the way it falls on the landscape. She uses paint expressively and colour joyously. Although there is much here still to remind us of the past the landscape none the less continues to change.

Kate Boyce Last light Above Higher Moor

A landscape of our time as well as the timeless qualities of nature are portrayed by Kate in her latest pieces. She likes to include a human narrative in her work through depiction of roads, factories, street furniture, vehicles and machinery.

Kate Boyce Hebden Water, source Of Industry

She is captivated by the contrasting relationship between the vastness of nature in all the drama of light and weather alongside the transient impact of mankind on the structure and detail of the land.

Kate Boyce Towards The Old Mount Skip

Kate still uses pattern in her work in the form of collage and elements of her own photography also find their way into her work in the form of fragments of printed transfers which she applies over the paint. Vintage documents, fabrics and photographs are often collaged into the backgrounds of her work…something Kate has enjoyed doing from a very young age. Kate’s daughters, Evie and Isabel, have caught the creative bug from her so they often sit and collage together – thankfully they also tell her when she needs to stop and take time out!

Kate Boyce Brig Well Head

Taking more time out is really important to Kate these days and she has recently tried to change her focus to capture the restorative powers of nature.

Kate Boyce A Wing And A Prayer

Kate’s previous exhibitions have been extremely successful and her work resides in private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally. We are therefore delighted to announce that, after admiring Kate’s work for many years, we are now her local gallery for both her original paintings and her prints.

Kate Boyce - Old Town Mill

Her new collection is being launched with us on Sunday 28th May at 12pm so we hope to see you there. Kate might be with us to answer any questions you may have about her work but she is really busy getting ready for Open Studios.

Kate Boyce Northlights