Meet Katy O’Neil

Katy O'Neil

In her Lancashire studio Katy O’Neil creates contemporary ceramic vessels and handmade ceramic jewellery.

Katy O'Neil

Her jewellery, which includes pendants, bracelets, earrings and brooches, is created from smooth black onyx porcelain or high fired white porcelain which are both strong and durable in order to give two distinct ranges.

Katy O'Neil group shotThe clay is impressed with marks which are inspired by photographs taken whilst travelling extensively before being decorated with oxides, slips and glazes.

brooch by Katy O'NeilThe marks made on Katy’s work are created with man-made objects such as screws and nails found on the street, or from parts of circuit boards salvaged from abandoned electrical goods.

Katy O'Neil jewelleryThis way of impressing marks into clay is a reflection of her long-held fascination with the concept of future fossils and how the throw away nature of modern life affects the land.Katy O'Neil studs in pink

Katy O’Neil was first introduced to working with clay by her very inspiring secondary school teacher who encouraged Katy to use all the facilities available in a very well stocked ceramics studio. Katy soon fell in love with working with such a versatile and exciting material.

pendant by Katy O'NeilAlthough after her Art Foundation course Katy chose a BA(Hons) 3D Design (Glass with ceramics) degree at the University of Sunderland her heart was still firmly with clay and she wanted to learn and push herself more. So it was on to a Master of Art (Ceramics) course at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. This was a fantastic two years of truly getting to grips with the material and starting on a path that Katy would follow for many years to come.

necklace and stud set

Alongside making Katy started teaching in an FE college, a role that grew and grew over the years culminating in being promoted to Curriculum Leader for Art, Design and Media for 16-19 year olds.

Katy O'Neil studsHowever, a few years ago Katy realised that as much as she loved teaching, she wanted to move from working in a college and get back to being creative, so decided to take voluntary redundancy.

studs studs and more studs by Katy O'NeilWhilst Katy had the chance she went on a round the world adventure with her bloke for four months which proved to be one of the most exciting and inspiring things she has ever done. She used her photographs as a starting point for designing and making, and launched her ceramic business in November 2013.


We have showcased Katy’s great vessels in chunky black clay and colourful slips before but this year for CHRISTMAS AT HEART we have a full range of her gorgeous jewellery. As you can see, her work is available in plain colours or decorated designs and you can go as teeny tiny as you want with the studs.


Her work is selling really quickly so pop in soon to see this gorgeous collection from Katy O’Neil. follow Katy on Facebook. x