Meet Jan Scott

Jan Scott ceramics

Working from her studio in Lancashire Jan Scott creates a range of functional and decorative ceramics inspired by urban and rural landscapes. Jan Scot Ceramicist


Her subjects involve population, decay, regeneration and the passage of time.Jan Scott vessels

Jan’s `people’ range of vessels and wall art have individually hand drawn motifs; some left unglazed and sanded for a smooth satin matt finish, others have a clear glaze.

Jan Scott vasesHer porcelain ranges include the `Red Hat’ Romance where upon a series of vessels they make their way through the crowd to be with their loved one. There is also a multi-coloured bright range and a denim range with mostly blues and greys with denim hats.

Jan Scott vessels

The warmth of the natural stoneware people vessels are the basis for her `Woolly Hat’ range with a blend of rich autumnal colours and knitted hats.

Jan Scott beakersHer simple contemporary sculptural forms in porcelain or black groggy clay are distinctive, tactile and can be displayed individually or as a group.

Jan Scott

This collection Jan has created for Heart Gallery celebrates the individuality of people amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Amongst the madding crowd, glimpses of humanity, a helping hand or a loving hug.

Jan Scott figures

Jan’s Instagram account is relatively new but you can follow her journey here.