Meet Artist Louise Brown

Louise Brown Artist

At school Louise loved art, but the combination of having an uninspiring art teacher and the need for a career with a guaranteed monthly pay cheque meant she studied to become a radiographer.

Over the years Louise became increasingly unfulfilled with the lack of creativity in her job so she decided to teach herself to paint, and gradually started selling her work in galleries and online, and began doing work for publishing companies.

Early painting by Louise Brown

Her love of animals , domestic and wild , influenced herartwork, and a few years later , an impromptu ride through a little village about 15 miles from home, found her browsing around a little pottery studio and gallery, and to her delight, they held weekly pottery classes and so Louise signed up!

After a year or so, Louise had worked really hard and finally saw her pieces being ordered regularly by collectors. This is when she decided to take the plunge and set up her own studio, complete with brand new kiln, and she hasn’t looked back since.

As with her paintings, Louise’s sculptures are of the four legged variety, and she tries to inject an element of fun and quirkiness into them; giving them a cute expression on their faces to bring out their personalities! Louise doesn’t smooth out the clay too much so that there is lots of texture, and she doesn’t mind the odd little crack here and there as these imperfections add to the handmade look of the sculptures proving that she doesn’t use a mould.

Louise works with stoneware and porcelain clays to create her sculptures. After they have been bisque fired she applies the colours in the form of oxides and underglazes; taking care to limit the application of the glaze as she prefers a matt finish and glaze is only applied to areas such as the eyes. The sculptures are then fired again to 1250 degrees for about 10 hours.

Although Louise is self taught she does feel that if you have some natural talent; this can be nurtured by practice and determination. Louise has certainly worked hard to create a unique brand and we love her style (as do our customers); follow her on Instagram here.

New pieces

We look forward to seeing you soon – Louise has hand delivered some new work for our Christmas At Heart exhibition and don’t forget we can take commissions!