Some of you are already keen collectors of this magazine we sell that promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo by delving into home, work, style and culture not just with its well written and researched articles but with its photographic aesthetic.


Kinfolk was created by Nathan Williams, his wife Katie Searle-Williams and their friends Doug and Paige Bischoff in July 2011. Primarily a lifestyle magazine aimed at young professionals, it focuses on home, work, play, food and community through photo essays, recipes, interviews, profiles, personal stories and practical tips. The writers, photographers, designers and chefs that contribute to Kinfolk are drawn from a largely international pool of creative people, often featuring more than 50 individual contributors an issue.


Released quarterly, each issue is themed around a topic that is related to the season it is being published in, with all food, entertaining and lifestyle content geared towards that theme. Sample articles include interviews with well-known chefs, sample themed menus with accompanying recipes, illustrated guides to daily encounters and inspirational photo essays encouraging readers to try new activities.


Here is a snippet of the two issues we currently have left in stock … well worth a second look if you want to bob in to Heart Gallery and check out our magazine corner.


Within the pages of the 21st issue of Kinfolk, the home becomes more than the sum of its walls and floors, chairs and wallpaper—more than a collection of objects.


They delve deeply into the very nature of home, exploring what’s hidden, unseen, mysterious and sensual. And they look into what we have forgotten or overlooked in the rituals of our daily lives.


In turn, the home and everything it contains are not merely ends in themselves, but the complex elements of each person’s evolving and deeply personal narrative—the foundations of a well-lived life.


Issue 22 of Kinfolk revisits one of their most popular subjects—work and the entrepreneurial spirit.


Alongside their regular mix of thoughtful lifestyle content, they dedicate the pages of a new section to finding out what makes a job meaningful.


Through interviews with Nicole Farhi and Sophie Hicks and studio visits to Byredo, Stine Goya and more, readers can learn how to master their craft, roll with the punches and not panic over professional failures.


Plus, the latest issue features a fresh outlook on office attire and delves deeply into the psychology behind group dynamics and the curious history of personality tests.