Meet Heather Everitt and her embroidered butterflies

Heather Everitt

Heather Everitt is inspired by nature with a particular fascination in bugs, butterflies and moths.

Heather EverittShe has an honours degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in fashion and textiles, with a chief study in embroidery. Heather creates highly detailed art embroideries that can be hung on the wall as a single statement piece or, as is often the case, as small groups of different sizes.

Heather Everitt liberty print cabbage whiteHer butterflies and moths, for example, range in sizes from 5 to over 45cm in wingspan.

Heather Everitt green hawk mothHeather also creates framed collections based on Lepidopterology; some of them housed in vintage entomology boxes.

Heather Everitt Painted Lady

Heather sees her work as an alternative to traditional taxidermy.

Heather Everitt clouded yellowHeather’s family history is entwined with textiles; weavers, sheep farmers and even a court dressmaker in the mix. She has fibres in her bloodstream.

Heather Everitt Peacock butterflyEach piece starts with an observational drawing or painting in her sketchbook which she then translates into stitch using natural fabrics, machine applique and free motion embroidery.

Heather Everitt SwallowtailFurther details are added using hand beading and needle felting.

Heather Everitt broochesAll Heather’s pieces are made in small batches to the highest standards of craftsmanship whether she is working on a small brooch or large wall hung textile piece.

Heather Everitt Duke of BurgandyHeather’s work is stocked by Liberty London and The Royal Albert Memorial Museum shop in Exeter so we are really proud to have a wonderful selection of her work here in Heart Gallery as part of our FIBRE exhibition.

Heather Everitt beeIf you’ve not seen Heather’s stunning work yet do pop in as Fibre does finish soon as we head into our Autumn/Winter season. We love the variety of texture and rich jewel like colours in pure silk that Heather incorporates in to her butterflies and are excited to see more from Heather soon … as I am sure you will be too!

Heather Everitt bees and lady birds

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