Flow – an exhibition of handmade happiness

Kate Boyce - Old Town Mill

Flow – an exhibition of handmade happiness.

Katy O'Neil - FLOW

This year the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival runs from 23.06.17 until 02.07.17 and has WATER as its theme. To tie in with this, FLOW is our exhibition of handmade happiness.

Maike Browning - FLOW

Our artists find pleasure, happiness and lasting satisfaction in their activities that bring about a state of ‘flow’ characterised by complete absorption in what they do.

Katy Mai Webster - FLOW

In positive psychology FLOW is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Sara Bukumunhe - FLOW

We feel that FLOW is the secret to happiness, handmade happiness, that we can all enjoy and experience.

Holly McAfee - FLOW

We are delighted to be showcasing new work from designer/makers that have not exhibited here at Heart Gallery before. These include jewellers, ceramicists and textile artists.

Maddie Chambers - FLOW

We are welcoming Christine Pike, Maddie Chambers, Maike Browning, Katy Mai Webster, Holly McAfee, Cath Hill, Perry Walmsley-Pitts, Emma Wylie, Christine Oswin, Hayley Priestley, Laura Bennett and Elizabeth Crawford to Hebden Bridge for the first time.

KAte Boyce - FLOW

We are also very excited that we have some new abstract and narrative landscape original paintings to unveil by local artist Kate Boyce.

KAte Boyce - FLOW

Kate works intuitively with colour and aims to communicate the powerful beauty of the land and the visual effect of light and weather upon it.

Christine Pike - FLOW

Exhibition launches Sunday 28th May and runs until 23rd July 2017.