Claire Louise Mather – Contemporary Artist

Claire Louise Mather work in progress

Claire Louise Mather is a Yorkshire based contemporary artist who creates stitched drawings and threaded paintings.

Claire Louise Mather

Claire’s work focuses on exploring the transformative nature of exhausted materials through ascribing them a new status.

Claire Louise Mather red treeOld maps and vintage book pages are regenerated into a fabric canvas and then, using the needle as a pen, these sometimes minimalistic yet effective sketches are created using free machine embroidery.

Claire Louise MatherBy combining discarded publications, found materials and digital images this unusual artwork seamlessly blends photography, collage and stitch.

Claire Louise MatherThe outcomes are designed to challenge preconceptions of traditional embroidery and blur the boundaries between illustration and textiles.

Claire Louise Mather

We are delighted to welcome Claire back to Heart Gallery with her new pieces for our textile exhibition FIBRE.

claire louise mather

You can follow Claire Louise Mather on Instagram and do pop in soon to see her work.

Claire Louise Mather