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Meet The Artist Tina Earnshaw

Tina Earnshaw is a Yorkshire artist working predominantly in acrylics, water colour, oils and metallic leaf. Her background in studying history of art at Nottingham University, is an ever present influence in her work, where she draws inspiration from a variety of styles and sources. Contemporary, yet full of vintage character, she likes to explore […]

Well hello! It’s been a while!


Well hello! Lovely to see you here (it’s been a while) although nothing quite beats the physical meeting does it? We are all really missing interaction during these strange and worrying times, aren’t we? The last 11 months has taken its toll on everyone, both physically and mentally so we really need 2021 to bring […]

Meet New Jewellers Emperor of Grace

Karolis in his workshop

This story begins back in the nineties. As a little boy, Karolis Bikinas, was different from the other children in his neighbourhood. Most of his time he spent indoors, playing with self-made toys. Because his parents couldn’t afford to buy him LEGO toys he used to make the figures himself from plasticine. Even the smallest […]

Meet local artist Alec Atherton

Alec in his studio

Local artist Alec Atherton loves to draw and during lockdown he was given the opportunity to spend more time creating a body of original pencil drawings which are now available at Heart Gallery Working with pencil and graphite gives him the freedom to express himself and his passions onto paper for others to see. He […]

Meet The Jewellery Makers and Emma White

Emma White has been designing and making jewellery for forever it seems! Infact Emma was Jeweller in Resident at The Yorkshire Craft Centre where I (Alison) worked before starting Heart Gallery in 2006! Emma graduated with a first from Art College in Dundee over 20 years ago and jewellery has been her passion ever since. […]

Meet Hebden Bridge based jeweller Antonella Giomarelli

Antonella giomarelli

Developing this new jewellery collection Antonella Giomarelli once again turned to details within those environments that inspire her. For over twenty years she has been returning to the beautiful and tranquil Solway coast, a place dear to her, where the only measure of time that matters is the tide. Antonella’s instinct is to search the […]

Meet Yorkshire Based Jeweller Evie Leach

Evie Leach

Evie Leach decided to follow her creative passion by studying Jewellery and Silversmithing at the Birmingham School of Jewellery where her basic knowledge, learned from her jeweller parents, transformed into traditional skills.   She now works from her shared workshop, Pica Studios, in the centre of York when not at home with her young family. […]

New jewellery from Circle & Dash

circle and dash

Circle & Dash make genuinely unique and beautiful jewellery from hand painted, printed and gilded papers. Limited edition papers have all been exquisitely decorated for you by hand in their UK studio. High quality acrylic paints are employed using a variety of printing, layering and gilding techniques which have been developed by Charlotte over the […]

Meet self taught Ceramicist Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan Ceramics

Jenny Chan crafts unique and thought-provoking figurative sculptures and wall hanging artworks, with a focus on faces and the stories behind them, often with a touch of her Chinese origins. Born in Hong Kong and raised on a small island in Micronesia.  Jenny picked up clay soon after settling in the UK in 2014, she […]

Letitia Thompson AKA Mrs Bertimus arrives at Heart Gallery

Mrs Bertimus

Well this is great news! We have long admired the work of Mrs Bertimus so we are delighted to let you know her work is now with us (squeals of joy can be heard up at Stoodly Pike I’m sure!). Letitia lives in a tiny North Lincolnshire village, a place of flat open fields and […]

The Future of Heart Gallery

the future

Hello friends Apologies for our absence and for not keeping in touch since we closed our Heart Gallery doors mid March, along with everyone else I am finding these challenging times really difficult. It’s been extremely hard to focus on anything other than health, wellbeing, family and finances. I’ve had so many days when I’ve […]

Sarah Harris and her ‘lockdown shop’

When I was asked by Alison to write a blog about what I have been doing during lockdown, I had a feeling of dread having to own up to people that I’ve not been doing much at all.  Seriously though, my thoughts were “what have I been doing, what the heck have I got to […]

New World

New World Helen Russell

New world: Guest blog post by Helen Russell What an interesting few months! As most of us saw the sun set on our current way of life we’ve been left to work out what our new normal is and to maybe question how we’re going to live our lives as we move ahead. It’s not […]

Bluebells at Beverley End

Bluebells at Beverley End

Bluebells at Beverley End – Vanessa 10.05.2020 The Weather Elves have been working overtime ensuring we have some sunshine in our lives during these strange times. We have had lovely weather for such a long time now it’s been like summer in spring. The world is in turmoil, our lives are upside down and new […]

Don’t Panic Mr Mannering!

Don't Panic Mr Mannering!

Don’t Panic Mr Mannering! As  2020 began who knew that our own personal normality was about to change so drastically to the point that life felt  like we were living in a scary movie! I’m a lover of  the simple things and have always been quite good at recognising the basics of what I need […]

At home with Alison Read

Alison Read

What is there to not adore about Alison Read? She is a remarkable artist who specialises in hand-made original prints using linocut, screen printing, woodcut and etching. These are sold at Heart Gallery as prints and as greetings cards … little mini pieces of artwork that can be framed. She herself in character is the […]

A walk to ‘Little Stoodley’

Little Stoodley in sight

Isn’t it amazing how time seems to go so quickly even during a time of crisis? We’re nearing the start of the 6th week of Social Distancing and staying home to save lives, but only now do I think that we are starting to adapt to our new lifestyle, getting used to the changes we, […]

Willow Moon

Willow Moon

Willow Moon – Here we are in my third month of tree moon sharing and now we find ourselves in the time of willow or Saille as it is known in Gaelic. This new tree moon, Willow Moon, actually began back on the 15th April but I really struggled to write this one. I couldn’t […]

My magical adventure down a rabbit hole with Demelsa Haughton

Magical Demelsa

I would like to take you on a magical adventure down a rabbit hole of the work produced by Demelsa Haughton that we sell in Heart Gallery. We have been privileged to stock her work at Heart Gallery for 2 years.  I will never forget the proudness in her Dad’s eyes when they both came […]

If you go down to the woods today …. my bimble to Jumble Hole Clough

hidden heart

If you go down to the woods today… my bimble to Jumble Hole Clough: In a previous post I mentioned the wonderfully named Jumble Hole Clough. This little steep sided valley, cut through by a river with, quite literally, a jumble of waterfalls is a magical place. I love walking through this valley at any […]

Inspiration from a Nightingale – Kate Lycett

Listening for bird song high up on the hill

Last Tuesday I was woken up by a Nightingale! I’ve never heard one before, but I knew what it was because they’d played the archive recording of the Nightingale and the Cello the evening before on Radio 4. I recorded it (the nightingale), just to be sure, and I’ve heard him twice since, at around […]

My ‘new normal’

Life in the garden - my new normal

As I head into Week 4 of 12 weeks at home I finally feel more settled in my ‘new normal’. Don’t get me wrong my friends, I still really, really, really miss popping on a frock, brushing my hair, putting on some make up and heading in to Heart Gallery for the day; and can’t […]

I love my Veg box

I love my Veg Box

I love my veg box and it was a pleasure to be a guest blogger here for Heart Gallery. A month or so before life here in the UK shifted on its axis, my partner and I moved out of town into a lovely little village close by. Now, as well as feeling incredibly fortunate […]

Where I have been walking!

Vanessa Kay - out walking

This is an extremely peculiar time for all of us. Routines have changed and our freedom has been greatly curtailed. We are all socially distancing ourselves, staying home unable to meet up with friends and loved ones. However, at the moment we are still able to go out for excerise and benefit from some fresh […]

Heart Gallery News

Heart Gallery Hebden Bridge

Hello everyone! These are really strange times right now for us all and it’s taken me well over a week to sit at the computer to think about writing this wee blog post! Being in business is always about adapting to change and coping with the unexpected which we have had our fair share of […]