Anna Roebuck – a recycling artist

Anna roebuck

Anna Roebuck, based at The Making House in Burton on Trent, is an artist who focuses on using recycled materials, in particular, recycled plastics; transforming waste in to unique jewellery and lighting and fun sculptures.

Anna Roebuck Jewellery

In doing this, she hopes to encourage people to consider issues around waste, recycling and sustainability and to challenge people’s concept of value. Anna is passionate about Participatory Art and creates many larger scale projects with the help of different members of the community.

Anna roebuck cuffs

Anna’s Jewellery is made in aluminium, recycled plastic and silver. Anna has been designing jewellery since 2001; her first passion is for recycling plastics but she doesn’t like to be limited by one medium!

Anna Roebuck necklaces‘Out of Line’ grew out of the desire to include illustration on her jewellery leading to etched aluminium designs and hand drawn images on recycled plastic. The range began as a response to a heritage project about Stanton Ironworks, a once huge foundry in Ilkeston, Derbyshire; she recorded the stories of people who’d experienced working in and around the foundry in a series of cuffs.

Anna Roebuck cuffsIndustrial heritage and nature continue to be the source of inspiration for her drawings and Out of Line jewellery and artwork.

Anna Roebuck jewelleryWe are delighted to introduce this range from Anna for our CHRISTMAS AT HEART exhibition 2019.