Angie Hughes – textile artist

Angie Hughes Textile Artist

Angie Hughes is an artist and tutor from Ledbury in the beautiful county of Herefordshire.

Angie Hughes Textile Artist

Her work is largely influenced by the natural world particularly plant forms.

Angie Hughes - Textile Artist

Studying City & Guilds Embroidery in the 90s taught her to experiment with different materials and techniques and this would be the way that she would always start projects in future years.

Angie Hughes - Textile ArtistShe has spent time honing her skills on the sewing machine; all of her pieces have machine embroidery somewhere.

Angie Hughes - Textile Artist

A friend describes her as a process based artist, she would agree. Angie is always enjoying placing a pile of paints, printing blocks and fabrics on her work table, pondering ways of making something new and exciting. This kind of jigsaw process is reflected in her current work.

Angie Hughes - Textile Artist Angie has recently enjoyed developing work that focuses on gardens that were once tamed but struggle and often succeed in becoming wild. She enjoys the juxtaposition of randomly ‘placed’ plants alongside the order the gardener tries to contain.

Angie Hughes - Textile ArtistImagining these gardens in shadowy moonlit illumination, her colours have become almost monochromatic, silvers and blacks and those hard to name colours when light has faded.

Angie Hughes - Textile ArtistFrom drawings and photography Angie has developed her visual ideas through embroidery inventing simplified botanical forms.

Angie Hughes - Textile ArtistThis recent work has seen her explore discharged and painted velvets, use heat transferred foils and layered organza which becomes intensely machine embroidered.

Angie Hughes - Textile Artist

Angie’s work is with us as part of FIBRE which runs until 18th August, 2019.

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