At home with Alison Read

Alison Read

What is there to not adore about Alison Read? She is a remarkable artist who specialises in hand-made original prints using linocut, screen printing, woodcut and etching. These are sold at Heart Gallery as prints and as greetings cards … little mini pieces of artwork that can be framed.

Alison ReadShe herself in character is the swiftness of a Squirrel, the grace of a Swan, the humour of a Scrat Cat playing a Piano down an alleyway wearing a top hat… She is charismatic both visually and emotionally. Her prints are full of circus hilarity, fun, humour, possibility and above all else, sophisticated , jolly characters, all mainly 4 legged creatures… many an Ostrich wearing a feather boa…

Behind Closed Doors Alison Read

Posh Paws by Alison Read

Robin Love Breasts Alison Read

We have been selling Alison Read’s artwork since the very first day of opening Heart Gallery, nearly 14 years ago, and as a ‘Wellbeing’ Art Collector, I have been investing slowly in Alison’s work over the years.

Bella by Alison ReadIt is no wonder I have a print of ‘Bella’ as this is an absolute blueprint of my dog Daisy.

it's a mouse by Alison Read

The print ‘It’s A Mouse’  is my favourite, makes me smile at their mischief and reminds me that ‘life is more fun if you play games’, a Roald Dahl quote. Both are quirky reminders to smile.

Beautiful Fox

Beautiful Fox depicts Alison’s earlier work, there are deeper impressions in the body of her work and a more noticeable native rather than characteristic awareness in the animals she printed around this time.

Collection of Alison Read prints

One of the intimate rewards of selling independent artwork is that you nurture a true relationship with the body of work and more than often with the artist themselves. A relationship defined by the Artist and their Artwork, both developing and expressing a language through art of their journeys.

art on the wall at home

So, I welcome you into my small however perfect collection of Alison Read.

with hugo and milo