Mark Veevers

Meet jeweller Mark Veevers

Mark Veevers graduated from ‘Sheffield City Polytechnic’ in 1980 with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery.  He also received an additional award for craftsmanship and design from the ‘Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate’ in Sheffield.

Mark Veevers Jeweller

Mark designs and hand makes all his jewellery in his small studio in Sheffield.

Mark veevers rings

He does aim to have a particular focus on jewellery for men although his jewellery is designed to appeal to both men and women.

mark veevers

The jewellery is made using a combination of media, chiefly silver, gold, ceramics and mild steel.  He  can include 18ct gold, diamonds and vitreous enamels to create detail and pattern.

mark veevers
Mark’s current work now in Heart Gallery is inspired by two main strands of influence, which are, abstract symbols such as road markings, coupled with his interest in the reactions of 3D media to applied processes.

mark veevers

Mark utilises these material reactions in combination with abstract symbols and pattern to create jewellery and other forms of design work which are sophisticated, refined and well made.

mark veevers

Mark’s work is hand made to a high standard using a range of processes and materials. It is the result of an ongoing and continually evolving creative process where design decisions are often made in the heat of the moment at the bench.

mark veevers

Although there are common themes and close similarities between items, most items are individual and are therefore ‘one off’ pieces.

mark veevers

It is difficult, and in some cases impossible to duplicate designs precisely which is why Mark’s range for our Christmas At Heart Exhibition feels pretty special.

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